Consult a doctor online

Telemedicine - an innovative assistant in action

Remote diagnosis of a disease or sending a health advice remotely are options that do not replace a physical examination by a doctor. In many cases, however, this is the only possible option for medical care. In some places in the country a doctor goes only once a month. And this is where telemedicine comes to the rescue.

Krasimira Maslarova, A representative of a company working in this field told Radio Sofia about this innovative field in our country. The specific activity of the platform developed by the company is expressed in functionalities from hourly recording to audio-visual online consultation with the exchange of fouls and medical devices that wirelessly send data to the other party. Particular attention is paid to the service of older people. The capabilities of the platform include both immediate consultation and consultation on documents. Users of the telemedicine platform can be all people from their homes. They can have a personal health record and share it with medical staff to give them advice.

There are two options for telemedicine contact between a patient with a chronic disease, such as diabetes, and a specialist. The patient can use the meter itself, which only sends data electronically to the appropriate endocrinologist, or be supported by a paramedic or nurse to work with the device. A good example of the use of telemedicine equipment is in municipal medical centers that serve the population in smaller settlements. In the town halls in these places there is a person appointed who helps them technologically to contact the municipal hospital and get medical advice.

In view of the lack of specialists in the areas outside the big cities, Maslarova pointed out that there are different problems at different levels. In this regard, the developed service for a National Interhospital Network, based on teleconsultations, may be available, where a specialist from one hospital can contact another specialist from another hospital to receive assistance in a particular case. There are devices for this service in over 30 points in the country.

The development of this innovative medical ecosystem brings the company the award in the competition for the most innovative enterprise.

You can hear more details about the telemedicine services in practice in our country in the interview of Lili Goleminova with Krassimira Maslarova .... here

In the modern sense, the concept of telemedicine has existed since 1924, when it appeared in the United States in an article in Radio News, with a doctor on the cover examining a patient and sending his results on the radio, as well as the scheme of the new "Doctor on Radio" circuit. The first demonstration was made in 1951, at the World's Fair in New York, and in 1955. Dr. Albert Jutras began practicing teleradiology in Montreal.