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Telemedicine heals from a distance and saves time and money

The Bulgarian market is increasingly opening up to opportunities for online diagnostics, health monitoring and treatment.

The hidden possibilities of telemedicine

Telemedicine is the future! This is being heard more and more often these days by doctors, experts and the government. At the other end are the people who completely deny these possibilities.

Telemedicine - an innovative assistant in action

Remotely diagnosing a disease or sending a health advice remotely are options that do not replace a physical examination by a doctor. In many cases, however, this is the only possible option for medical care. In some places in the country a doctor goes only once a month. And this is where telemedicine comes to the rescue.

How to get a timely and professional medical consultation without having to visit an office?

An unusual consultation, online, through a specialized doctor-patient communication platform. It was developed by a Bulgarian IT company and is provided completely free of charge, during the state of emergency, for use by all physicians wishing to perform online consultations.

In Bulgaria it is quite possible and real to have telemedicine

The "Evening Show of Slavi" with Ivan Yosifov, manager of "Naicoms", discusses telemedicine in Bulgaria and the possibilities of the teleconsultation platform and we are happy to share some additions to the highlights of the interview ...

Remote counseling reduces the pressure on the health system and has a social mission

Naicoms offers a free innovative telemedicine technology for online communication with both doctors and medical professionals during coronavirus restrictive measures.

Naicoms provides free technological opportunities for telemedicine in the fight against COVID-19

Naicoms offers a fully developed telemedicine system free of charge as an alternative to safe access to health services in a complex health situation. "Telemedicine is a technology that does not cure itself, but, as the World Health Organization notes," distance is a critical factor. “

8 steps to success with telemedicine

From regular health monitoring to the emerging need for a doctor's consultation, telemedicine is breaking down health barriers around the world.

FORBES Bulgaria magazine awarded the winners of the FORBES Business Awards 2020.

The competition, which distinguishes the best business practices, socially responsible companies and the entrepreneurial spirit, was held on January 28, 2020. Through the business awards FORBES Bulgaria seeks, discovers and honors the champions in free enterprise and directs public attention to their success..

The brand "Excellence in Innovation"

Naicoms received the right to use the brand "Excellence in Innovation" awarded the prize for "Innovation Enterprise of the Year 2019" in the category of Social Innovation for the developed overall ecosystem for telemedicine.

The recognition is pleasant and satisfying!

Both innovative Bulgarian start-ups and already established companies participate in the competition. Traditionally, the awards are presented personally by the President of Bulgaria.

Telemedicine: how Pirogov will consult patients on the Internet?

On June 1, 2019, an official presentation was made to the media of the National Network for Hospital Communication (NMBC) based on the Medcare platform. NMBK provides an opportunity for communication between medical institutions regardless of their geographical location.