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Top 6 reasons to choose telemedicine

Schedule management for online and in the office consultations

Creating an effective personal digital medical office

Upgrade with paid online consultations

Use of Electronic Health Record and much more

Meeting the demand and the need for convenience

Save info for patients and easily reach new ones


As an informed, experienced and empathetic doctor, you have the opportunity in a convenient and safe way to develop your practice by receiving more revenue for that

You get the opportunity for more flexibility about where you work and the hours you are available while avoiding the stress and difficulty of organizing a separate private practice

You strengthen yours online presence and you gain recognition for your experience. Telemedicine and the virtual office address all key problem areas regarding the affordability, cost and quality of health counseling, whether provided by a single doctor or by an entire medical institution.

By joining other doctors from all specialties in Medcare you enter the medical network of professionals from any specialty with whom you can consult and discuss health issues

Without replacing the physical examination on the spot in many cases the telemedicine online consultation appears irreplaceable assistant or even the only access option. Medcare counseling has been proven to be as effective as face-to-face meetings in many situations that do not require urgency, with privacy and convenience guaranteed.

You keep patients engaged by keeping your current ones and having access to new ones both from the country and Bulgarians from abroad. This significantly improves a person's satisfaction with the care and work process.

Use a lot digital health services such as electronic prescriptions, notifications and reminders, telemedicine, text online consultations and others, which opens up many opportunities forimproving patient outcomes.


Increases the benefits for human health and the work process

  • Follow-up of prescribed treatment
  • Secondary consultation
  • Constant contact and new health services for chronically ill patients
  • Clarifications before visiting the medical office
  • Second opinion
  • Consultation on documents
  • Additional health services such as subscription, remote monitoring, etc.

You need telemedicine:

  • If you have patients from all over Bulgaria and Bulgarians from abroad
  • If you take care for several settlements
  • If you want to have your own private practice
  • If you want to have flexibility and earn revenue

Who is it for:

  • For individual doctors
  • For group practices and larger clinics
  • For hospitals
  • For medical centers and DCC
  • For all specialties


  • You determine what online consultations to do - video and text

  • You decide and control how many paid and free online consultations to give

  • You talk to patients without sharing your personal number

  • You track the condition of your patients no matter where you or they are

  • You allow patients to book an appointment online in your schedule

  • You save costs and time for both you and your patients

  • You use all the features for a truly evidence-based consultation

  • Edit your personal business card site from anywhere, effortlessly by easily adding or modifying fees, services and other important information for you

  • You give everyone the opportunity to read the great reviews that patients leave for you

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  • Ability to create a flexible schedule in the office and schedule for online consultations, so that your patients can book an appointment online

  • Real-time audio-video medical consultation with a pre-booked appointment according to the schedule

  • Online audio-video immediate consultation - no appointment

  • Notification and reminders for upcoming consultation for both doctor and patient for upcoming hours, regardless of its type - for office, online or text and by documents

  • Keeping personal advisory notes

  • Written online chat

  • Send and share documents and various files, including diagnostic imaging

  • An online electronic prescription that can be sent to the patient, to a pharmacy or printed

  • Establishment of a summary sheet including a summary of the key aspects discussed during the consultation, follow-up meetings and care plans

  • Guaranteed online payment and transaction tracking

  • Freedom to determine the price of each type of consultation

  • Ability to quickly and easily send messages to patients

  • Archive of consultations and access to the patient's history, including a Personal Health Record

  • Ability to visualize data from medical devices (additional functionality with specialized devices)

  • Whiteboard function for convenience for more detailed explanations during the consultation


  • Use of a schedule for an office without commitment or obligation to use the opportunities for online counseling

  • Convenient schedule for effective time management in a physical office

  • Personally, patients, you or your staff can book an appointment

  • Flexibility to determine the duration of examinations and working days

  • Possibility to cancel, change and enter additional details for each appointment

  • Different colors according to the type of hour and special options for the convenience of the doctor

  • Automated reminders and notifications for upcoming appointments on both sides

  • Current statistics and information on the activity performed for a period of time

  • Manage a schedule from the registry when using more than one doctor

  • Ability to view graphics graphically and display for a period of time

  • Schedule of appointments for online consultations

With us you get

Many opportunities for:

  • comprehensive technical evaluation and maintenance of hardware and software

  • opportunity to create a personalized and branded telemedicine service

  • integration with other existing systems you use or would like to use

  • convenient work with insurance companies

  • creation and maintenance of specialized personal internet sites

Many opportunities for:

  • Network of doctors for mutual assistance and exchange of information

  • If you wish, you become an ambassador of telemedicine in Bulgaria - ask and learn more about the initiative

  • Use one platform and at the same time save by managing your day and conducting paid online consultations with many amenities for people from the country or Bulgarians from abroad

  • Reliable telemedicine solution with secure online payments

  • Training and support throughout the period

How paid online consultations support structured screening and contribute to better health outcomes?

If you and your patients:

  • You want a secure and reliable organization and planning of your schedule

  • You want independence and secure payment in one with convenience and avoidance of stress when crowding many people in front of the cabinet

  • You want to save time traveling and keep in touch regardless of distance

Medcare's telemedicine solution will benefit your practice now. Patients are looking for doctors like you!

Dedicated, experienced and proven physicians-consultants at Medcare are revolutionizing access to quality healthcare. They all expanded their practice, gaining convenience and better management. Through Medcare, the capabilities and power of telemedicine are available to any professional who wants to use modern technology effectively. Join us!