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In Medcare the person
is on the first place and gets


From over 400 doctors and more than 15 specialties with the possibility for online examination and consultation


Anywhere online without the need to download and install software


and timely assistance from a doctor, with an appointment, immediate consultation or examination of documents


for health and archive of the consultations with access to the Personal Health Record


All kinds of files and many functionalities for a full examination by a doctor online


The information for all paid and free opportunities

With telemedicine from MEDCARE you have many opportunities

See the main ways to consult a doctor online in a demonstration of online consultation on the platform. In addition, you have a link to your Personal Health Record, Wallet and History of all Medcare consultations. Don't delay, find your doctor.

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Each consultant has the freedom to determine the pay for the different types of consultations at Medcare. Depending on the case, the doctor has the opportunity to conduct a free consultation or make a discount. Regardless of the case, for each paid consultation it is necessary to have the necessary funds in your virtual wallet on the platform in advance. The actual payment for the consultation takes place only after its actual implementation. Powering the virtual wallet can be done via e-pay, Easy-pay, Credit or debit card, Paypal.

Online consultation with audio-video call in real time

Save time - the ability to save time for

  • "Standard consultation" - online examination with a pre-booked appointment according to the doctor's schedule in Medcare

  • "Live consultation" - recording an appointment in the doctor's schedule for examination in his physical office

  • "Immediate consultation" - online consultation without a scheduled time with 10 minutes to wait for an answer whether there is a possibility at the moment

  • „Document consultation "- an opportunity for a written consultation with a doctor with or without sending additional documents

  • "Medical Office" - a contact with the doctors on duty at a medical institution, which can be around the clock or on schedule

Wallet - a place to manage funds and loans for payment in the platform

Consultation history - archive of the consultations conducted in Medcare according to the type and storage of the shared recipes

Opportunities in the virtual medical office:

  • Audio-video communication

  • Keeping individual personal notes

  • Outpatient sheet-History of the consultation, containing the necessary prescriptions from the doctor

  • Transfer and digitization of files as results of research, epicrisis and others

  • Detailed examination of diagnostic DCOM files

  • Whiteboard - work area visible on both sides

  • Place for visualization of data from specialized medical devices - works together with Medcase

Medcare consultants accept online consultation as an opportunity to help and support you in the right place at the right time. Making an appointment and real-time audio-video consultation guarantees that all the doctor's attention will be focused only on you. The data of both parties are securely protected in compliance with the requirements of confidentiality according to the GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Data Protection Council).

MedCare process

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And ask in writing or get a second opinion

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Finding and consulting a doctor online has never been easier. Choose a doctor or invite your doctor to join. Ask about yourself or your loved one, get timely advice for your child, inform about the change of symptoms from the common cold to serious chronic diseases.